Date: August 13th, 2014 Newsletter :: 100 Days of Pins Update - Bonus Days!
Vol. 14
Issue 8

100 Days of Pins - Bonus Days


100 Days of Pins - Main site which includes all past pins that are still available
Pins of the Day - 10 new pins will be listed here every day.
GWP Bonuses - Check this page to see if you qualify for a Gift With Purchase with your pin order.

All good things must come to an end... or do they? Announcing... 100 Days of Pins BONUS DAYS! We still have A LOT of pins to offer so rather than make you wait another year, we have decided to extend the 100 Days of Pins. In addition, we'll be kicking things up a notch by offering even more Gift With Purchase (GWP) opportunities. Gift items will include pin-related merchandise as well as some Disneyana paper items to get everyone excited about the upcoming 50 Days of Paper promotion. Some of these items are extremely rare and there may only be one available to the first guest that takes action! Additional details are listed below and on the GWP Bonuses page.

To receive your GWP, simply do the following:
1) Add pins to your shopping cart until you meet the minimum purchase requirement for the bonus gift you would like.
2) Visit the GWP Bonuses page, add your bonus gift to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
Terms: GWP bonuses must be added to your cart before you complete your order. Minimum purchase requirement needs to met prior to any shipping fee, tax or discount. Purchases must be in a single transaction and limit 1 per household and per order while supplies last.


Disneyland Map GWP All pin purchases over $100.00 will receive this Limited Edition GWP Disneyland Map. This was the first GWP mini-pin promotion at Disneyland. Purchase over $150.00 and receive the map AND one of the Disneyland attraction mini-pins! Purchases must be in a single transaction and limit 1 per household while supplies last.
Purchase over $250.00 and receive Mickey's Pin Service Station to help keep your pin collection in tip-top working order. As a special bonus, includes a pin available only with this set based on the 1935 classic short "Mickey's Service Station." Purchases must be in a single transaction and limit 1 per household while supplies last. Pin Service Station
Stitch Pin Bag ONLY 1 AVAILABLE! Purchase over $750.00 and receive this extremely hot Bellhop Stitch Tower of Terror Pin Bag Suitcase from the Tower of Terror event at Disneyland. Purchases must be in a single transaction and limit 1 per household while supplies last.

Ongoing Pin Bonus:
Follow us on Twitter and receive a FREE BONUS pin with your pin order over $20.00 (Please include your Twitter username when ordering). Information for can be entered in the Payment Details section right before your order is finalized. Re-tweet, favorite, and share with your friends!
Give a Pin... Get a Pin - A great way for you and your friends to earn bonus pins! Please visit the Give a Pin... Get a Pin page for additional information and terms.

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We are now offering a 60 day layaway option on all purchases $100.00 and over. 1/3 deposit is required to start the layaway and the remaining payments will be invoiced at 30 days and 60 days. Now is a great time to purchase that Disneyana Collectible you've been watching. Just select Layaway as your payment option at checkout and we'll do the rest!

Until Next Time, - NEWS

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